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Taufer Castle

Holidays in the Puster Valley - travel tips

Tips for the most beautiful destinations
in the surrounding area

Wander through meadows and shady forests, explore the path along the canal, follow in the footsteps of the past, discover Casanova Castle or Chela Castle, tackle the cycle path of Val Pusteria - this and much more is in store for your stay in Gais. In the immediate vicinity, in nearby villages and beyond are many other sights of interest for visitors of all ages. Have a fun and exciting holiday in Gais!

At the discovery of...

Tures Castle

The Knights' Hall, the Infirmary, the Stube of the Treasurer in late Gothic style, the Armoury, the Dungeon, the Torture Chamber and of course the room haunted by ghosts – Tures Castle boasts all the hallmarks of a real castle. The imposing building overlooking the village of Campo Tures takes visitors on a journey into the past. And you might even meet the resident ghost!
Distance from Gais: a 15-minute drive


Waterfalls of Riva di Tures
Here are gushing waterfalls between 10 and 42 m tall! This miracle of nature near Campo Tures never fails to amaze children and adults alike. The fascinating waterfalls of Riva are an absolute ”must”.
Distance from Gais: 15-minute drive


The Earth Pyramids of Perca
Violent storms and landslides over time created these bizarre clay formations each surmounted by a rock - they are literally pyramids of earth. On account of their shape and size, they are considered the most significant earth pyramids in the Puster valley.
Distance from Gais: 30-minute drive


The Mining Museum and Climatic Centre of Predoi
A train takes you into the galleries of the mine of Predoi. In the former copper mine, the hard lives of miners underground are told through illustrations and audio recordings and with realistic figures. It is a truly extraordinary experience! The adjoining climatic centre is also well worth a visit.
Distance from Gais: 45-minute drive

MMM Corones


The Mineral Museum in San Giovanni
A collection accumulated over many decades can be admired at the mineral museum covering an area of 300 m²: smoky quartz, emeralds, rock crystals and, a real highlight, the rarest and most valuable "contorted" rock crystal in the world! Immerse yourself in the room of treasures of the Alps, formed 30 million years ago in the bowels of our Earth...
Distance from Gais: 24-minute drive


Messner Mountain Museum Ripa
Did you know that modern mountaineering has been around for about 250 years? Did you also know that the mountain ranges on Earth have been populated and inhabited for over 10,000 years? MMM Ripa, located in the castle of Brunico, is dedicated to the people and heritage of the mountains.
Distance from Gais: 15-minute drive

Messner Mountain Museum Corones
At an altitude of 2275 m, MMM Corones is home to the impressive exhibition "the supreme discipline of mountaineering" and also affords a breath-taking view of the Lienz Dolomites, the Ortles, the Marmolada and the Zillertal Alps.
Distance from Gais: 15-minute drive and ascent by cable car to Plan de Corones


Provincial Folklore Museum in Teodone
From the plough, scythe, gauge, beehive and barn to the professions of the tanner, carpenter and maker of rakes - the Provincial Ethnographic Museum in Teodone offers a fresh insight into the way of life of the rural populations of the past.
Distance from Gais: 10-minute drive


Mountain pine oil distillery and herb garden in Bergila
Just a few kilometres from Falzes you can find herbs, ointments and, indeed, mountain pine oil for every little twinge and ache. The latter is produced in the "Bergila" mountain pine oil distillery by the Niederkofler family using a highly complex process. Their wealth of experience goes back to 1912.
Distance from Gais: 15-minute drive


Museum of Nativity in Lutago
If you think nativity scenes are boring, a visit to the Maranatha Museum of Nativity in Lutago will almost certainly make you change your mind. In this museum covering 1300 m², you can admire Eastern, ancient and rare nativity scenes. The highlight is the large nativity scene of over 70 m² with wooden life-size figures and a romantic starry sky you can walk beneath.
Distance from Gais: 20-minute drive

Shopping at Bruneck-Brunico

Other suggestions:

  • Shopping in Brunico
  • Weekly market (Wednesday) and farmer's market (Friday) in Brunico
  • Christmas market in Brunico and Bressanone
  • Cron 4 pool & sauna
  • "Baggalocke" bathing pond in Gais
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